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If you bring a claim for breach of contract against another person or business, if any party under that contract is entitled to attorney fees, then all persons under the contract are entitled to attorney fees if they win their case at trial.

Oftentimes the winner of a lawsuit in Florida may be entitled to attorney fees from the losing party simply by winning the case.  By strategically offering to settle at the proper time in a lawsuit and then beating that offer at trial, many of our clients have been awarded fees as a consequence of a favorable jury verdict and have collected the entire jury award without having to share a percentage with their attorney.

Attorney Fees

The Law Office of David Gorewitz PA will represent the Plaintiff’s interests in a personal injury claim on a contingency basis. If there is no recovery, the Plaintiff will owe nothing to the law firm. If there is a recovery, the attorney will be entitled to a percentage of the award or settlement. 

David Gorewitz P.A. 

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